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Are these products only for professional detailers?

No! Slippery Soap aims to equip all car enthusiasts with professional automotive detailing products. This means, if you own a vehicle and you care about maintaining its value, our products are for you!

What is pH Balanced Soap?

A neutral cleanser that safely lifts dirt from vehicle surfaces without damaging paints, sealants, or coatings.

Can I use the Mulberry Foam Shampoo on a ceramic coated or wrapped vehicle?

Yes, the Mulberry Foam Shampoo is pH balanced, which means that it is safe for use on ANY vehicle surface.

Do I need a foam cannon to use the Mulberry Foam Shampoo?

No. However, it is recommended. The foam cannon allows you to use less product as it evenly distributes the soap on the vehicle surfaces.

Can I use the Mulberry Foam Shampoo in direct sunlight?

Yes. The Mulberry Foam shampoo can be used in direct sunlight and does not create water spots when drying.

Why Should I use Knock Out Acid-Free Wheel & Tire Cleaner?

Using an acid-free cleaner on wheels breaks down heavy contaminants without damaging factor paint, clear coats, or chrome on the rims.

How long should Knock Out Acid-Free Wheel & Tire Cleaner stay on the rims?

No more than 30-60 seconds. This will depend on whether you have diluted the mixture with water. 

Is the Sapphire Tire Shine water-based or silicone-based?

It is a silicone-based tire shine.

Why should I buy a foam cannon?

The foam cannon allows you to use less product and less recycled water. With a foam cannon, you are able to cover large areas of the vehicles in a short amount of time. As the foam sits on the vehicle's surface, it easily lifts dirt.

How do I change the amount of soap that comes out of the foam cannon?

To change the amount of soap that come from the foam cannon, simply twist the black knob clockwise until you achieve the desired foam output.

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