About The Slippery Soap - #1 Auto Detailing Supplies Store in Florida

About Us

Founded in 2017, Slippery Soap® is a professional auto detailing company that offers premium auto care products.

Our mission is to improve the quality of your car’s next wash, by providing safe and effective products. 

 Jeremy Lewis, Founder & CEO

Jeremy Lewis, former professional football player and entrepreneur, is known for his commitment to success on and off the field.

During Jeremy’s third season in the Canadian Football League, he had the foresight to prepare for life after the league. With a true passion for cars and helping people, he pivoted and became an entrepreneur.

In 2017, Jeremy  founded The Slippery Soap, LLC, an automotive detailing company. After securing certifications in paint correction and ceramic coating, he became an expert professional detailer focused on the preservation of high-end vehicles.

While on the path to expand The Slippery Soap, LLC brand, Jeremy discovered that popular soaps and cleaners caused irreparable damage to a car’s paint and rims. To provide an alternative, he launched a line of premium car care products.

To date, customers tout the brand as being the top provider of car care products in the industry. Highly acclaimed and recommended, because of the quality and ingredients of the products, the Slippery Soap, LLC has carved out a clear niche in car care. On the road to being a true game changer, Jeremy has a strong hold and is driving the success of The Slippery Soap, LLC.